Our Vision

Get quality care for every patient on time without any hassle. To be the leader in:
  • Improving access for travel nurses while providing new adventures along to ensure quality care for patients
  • Partnering with healthcare facilities in delivering timely care in a professional manner
  • Connecting skilled nurses to healthcare facilities with a strong focus on customer satisfaction

Our Mission

Empower care facilities with skilled nurses to improve continuity of care. Our mission is to:
  • Continue to be at the forefront in emboldening both care facilities & nurses to focus on what they do best
  • Improve the quality of care and healthcare outcomes for every patient
  • Deliver positive experience for nurses and healthcare facilities to help them achieve their goals

Our Values

In everything we do, we aim to make a positive impact on those we serve. That's possible with:
  • Veracity - Pursuing our professionalism truthfully through timely actions
  • Openness - We are people of our word by focusing on straight open talk
  • Yearning - Yearning for excellence by putting people first is our priority
  • Supremacy - Predominant in connecting extraordinary careers with exceptional people
  • Team work - Build each other up and make each other better while growing our business
  • Accountability - Take job for actions, pride in success, & failure as an opportunity to grow

Why Voysta?

As a trusted partner in providing technology-driven healthcare staffing solutions, Voysta empowers care facilities with adequate skilled nurses so that they can deliver exceptional patient care. Powered by a user-friendly AI-driven matching platform, Voysta reinvents the way staffing solutions are provided leading to
  • Better access to care facilities
  • Overcome nurse staff shortage
  • Streamline travel nurse jobs
  • Seamless transparent faster digitized recruiting process
  • Digitize and quicken administrative work