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  • Personalized Job Matches
  • Best-in-Industry Pay Rates
  • Generous Referral Program
  • Competent & Transparent Pay Rates
  • Manage Digital Credentials All In One Place
  • Licensure Assistance
  • Round-The-Clock Support

How It Works

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  • Best-in-Industry Pay Rates -Maximize Your Earning Potential. Enjoy top-tier pay rates that recognize your skills and dedication, ensuring you are rewarded competitively for your valuable contributions as a travel nurse. Create your profile, submit your resume, credentials, & references
  • Generous Referral Program -Earn Rewards for Sharing the Benefits. Take advantage of our generous referral program and earn rewards by recommending talented nurses to join our platform. Start referring and earning today! Set preferences by specialty, location, pay shift, etc.
  • Competent & Transparent Pay Rates -Fair Compensation You Can Trust. Rest assured with our competent and transparent pay rates, ensuring you receive fair and reliable compensation for your valuable nursing services. Get the right jobs
  • Streamline your nursing career with effortless management of digital credentials, keeping all your important documents and certifications in one secure place for easy access and organization. Review facility information & pay packages
  • Simplify the Process with Expert Support. Receive comprehensive assistance for licensure requirements, guidance, and documentation to ensure a smooth and efficient licensure process as a travel nurse. Apply to one or multiple jobs with just one click
  • Expand Your Options. Enjoy the flexibility to apply to a single or multiple travel nursing jobs, increasing your chances of finding the perfect fit for your career aspirations. Message directly to employers, if needed
  • Discover a wide range of travel nursing jobs tailored to your preferences and qualifications. Find the perfect fit for your nursing career today. Get credentialed digitally
  • Voysta Travel Nurse Agency -Your Partner in Empowering Travel Nursing Careers. Experience exceptional support, personalized job matches, and a rewarding journey with Voysta Travel Nurse Agency. Start your adventure today. Start caring for patients while exploring varied care settings

Benefits of Travel Nurse Job

Design your ideal travel nurse job today & get covered on and off
the clock with their premium perks

  • Website Icon Day One Medical Benefits
  • Website Icon Dental & Vision Insurance
  • Website Icon 401K with Employer Match
  • Website Icon Holiday & Vacation Pay
  • Website Icon Disability & workers compensation Insurance
  • Website Icon Wellness benefits
  • Website Icon Enjoy tax benefits
  • Website Icon Opportunity to explore
  • Website Icon Housing assistance
  • Website Icon Diversify your resume
  • Website Icon Direct payroll services
  • Website Icon Discounted immunizations
  • Website Icon Take time off between assignments

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