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*The referral bonus program will be paid out according to the following terms:

  • The referrer (you) will receive a $250.0 bonus when your referred person works 250 hours for the Agency.
  • The referred person has already not been contacted by our company’s recruiter.

Why should you choose to be a travel nurse

High paying travel
nurse jobs

  • Traveling nurses can earn a very competitive salary and benefits package. If the right travel assignment is found, and the salary is negotiated well, they can make 18% to 20% more than their permanent counterparts.Several nurses feel that it is a great career choice because of its flexibility and higher pay.

Relocation & Housing

  • By choosing a travel nursing staff agency that helps you with relocation benefits,you reduce your challenge of finding a house while you are on an assignment. Get a travel stipend while you are on assignment and away from your home.

Automated Job Match
to Job Database

  • We offer an automated job match profile that helps you find the best job based on your requirements. Various travel nurses land their dream travel nurse job on our website. Our platform offers you with services like ease to book assignments, save credentialing documents, and even oversee your pay and other benefits!

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